Secure storage in Halifax/Nova Scotia

Bank-independent individual custody of your precious metals at international locations

  • High security through investment in physical precious metals
  • Highly secure bank-independent individual custody with the world market leader Brink's
  • Minimum investment already possible from 10,000 EUR
  • Purchase of gold, silver and platinum from reputable producers with "Good Delivery" status from the LBMA
  • Purchase of silver and platinum possible without VAT
  • Payment processing & usage control by independent trustee
  • Attractive purchase prices
  • Delivery of precious metals already in your property possible
  • Insurance at replacement value at any time
  • Annual inventory by renowned auditor
  • Attractive 5-year term option: Significant cost savings as well as constant management fees even with rising precious metal prices
  • No liability or insolvency risk
  • (Partial) cancellation possible at any time free of charge - choice between sale, collection or delivery

SOLIT SICHERLAGER - personal, flexible, international

The SICHERLAGER concept provides you with a modern professional storage solution for the physical precious metals gold, silver and platinum. Here, the precious metals are always individually allocated as so-called segregated storage ("Allocated Storage" concept) and managed separately from the precious metals of other customers.

The highly secure and bank-independent storage is offered in Canada in Halifax/Nova Scotia. Both newly acquired precious metals and those already in your possession can be stored for you.

Security & Transparency

By processing all payment flows through TRESTA Treuhandgesellschaft mbH, it is ensured that your money is used exclusively for the agreed purpose - the purchase of your desired precious metals.

Once a year, an inventory is taken by an independent and renowned auditing company, which reports directly to you personally on the precious metals inspected.

Purchasing advantage & tax treatment

Silver and platinum purchased for safekeeping in Canada are purchased without VAT, realizing a significant cost savings for you as an investor.

Time for gold and silver. - Store your assets now bank-independent and safe

With the SOLIT SECURITY STORAGE we offer you a modern, professional solution for the storage of the physical precious metals gold, silver and platinum. Preserve your assets with physical precious metals for the future!

SICHERLAGER Kanada Verkaufspreise in Euro

All prices are final prices: The sale of gold, silver and platinum is VAT exempt in Canada.

The all-in-one asset protection

Substance-oriented. Liquid. Transparent. - All this characterizes the SOLIT investment concepts. Thus, our solution portfolio combines the highest demands on a structured and holistic asset accumulation and expansion with precious metals and is equally suitable for the precious metals beginner as well as for the advanced professional.